So I tried something new...for the girls only!

>> Monday, August 2, 2010

First a disclaimer and a warning. The disclaimer is regarding the product I'll be writing about. I was not asked or compensated in any way to write this. I was just nosy and wanted to try it out. And the warning is for any of the guys who might read this blog (Dad?), if you're a guy or very squeamish about girly issues, stop reading now.

OK-so I've admitted in the past that although I really want to be more environmentally responsible, I'm just not a very green or crunchy person. So I'm trying to make some changes. Remember me mentioning the great island of trash? Yep, learning about things like that really bothers me. We only have our one little planet. If there are things we can do to cut down on trash and what-nots, then why shouldn't we? Plus in some cases it behooves us financially to make changes. I don't know about everyone else, but right now we need every cent we can save!

So after much ado and then not and back and forth, I finally took the plunge and got a...Diva Cup! Though I don't think the cup itself is biodegradable, it equals a whole lot less trash than some of it's counterparts. It's reusable, in fact it's supposed to last for a year. And though I didn't do exact calculations, a quick thought or two and I realized that in the long run it's less expensive than other products I use. But I didn't use it right away. I mean it wasn't time first of all and I'll admit it, I was scared. It's new. It sounds kinda gross. It took a while for me to actually make the commitment to trying it out. Finally though, I did it! And so I figured now I've got to tell you all about it.

First thing to tell you, there are two sizes and it's very easy-under 30 or over 30 and have you had a baby or not (regardless of type of delivery). That's it.

The instructions for insertion and removal are pretty straight forward, so I won't go into details here. Just know that I did practice folding it up the way they say to a couple of times and I was able to put the cup in place properly the first time.

Removal was even easier. It does need to be emptied and cleaned out a couple times a day, the maximum time limit is 12 hours. There can be a bit of an "ick" factor involved with the whole process. My experience was that it wasn't messy, it was just the "ick" factor. With lots of handwashing, cleaning the cup (they make a Diva Wash) and even latex gloves if you wanted to use them, there really isn't any problem at all. (I would suggest skipping the gloves if your desire is to go "green").

If the cup is inserted properly you don't notice it at all while you're wearing it. And again, I didn't have any problems doing that. Somehow that thing manages to stay put just fine.

Most importantly, I had no leaks. Not a one. Not even an almost leak. Even overnight. I was very leery. Wondering how it would stay where it belonged, not leak, not spill during changes, etc. And it was all needless worry. No Diva failures!

I didn't attempt to empty it while I was out and about. The instructions explain how you could work it out. It doesn't seem like it would be a big deal though.

Again the cup is cleaned every time you empty it. Lots of handwashing, a quick dump or wipe, a scrubbing with the cleaner and hot water. Not at all bad, and I had imagined lots of icky scenarios.

Once you are done with it for the month, it is supposed to be washed and then, and this is the only place I ran into hesitation, you are supposed to boil the cup. And I had problems with the whole idea of bringing it to the kitchen, filling a pan and boiling the cup on the stove. The instructions included a big list of things you should not use to sanitize the cup, risking damage to the silicone. It just so happens that rubbing alcohol was not on the "no" list, so that's what I did for sanitizing. (Of course I just looked at the FAQ's on the website and it does mention it. Darn!).

Mr. H didn't think it was a big deal to boil the cup, and depending on what others think, I may change my mind next time. So far it doesn't appear that the alcohol did any damage

The instructions tell you that you will become familiar with your cycles and you will learn how often you'll need to change it-which may vary day to day. So far I've only tried it for one cycle and I did notice day to day changes, but I'll need to continue to pay attention. It's amazing to me how little umm "stuff" is actually involved, it seems like a whole lot more with the other traditional methods.

So there you have it, my experience with the Diva Cup. I give it a good rating! Honestly, I have no complaints and already prefer it much more than it's counterparts. I guess I'll have to get over the boiling conundrum. But that's my one and only qualm. I'm impressed with the reliability and comfort. Oh and it comes with a cute little drawstring bag to store it in when not in use!

If you've been curious, are wanting to cut back on monthly expenses, are wanting less waste...this may be the your best option. And no leaks? Perfect!


Jeanette August 3, 2010 at 10:45 AM  

I'm so glad you posted about this!

I have an IUD so my cycle is very light and only every couple of months. I cannot wear pads.. I've tried and I just can't. I'm always nervous though when my time comes because the flow is so light that even if I were to wear a tampon for the full 8 hours, it still wouldn't be halfway full. I've heard so much about TSS that it makes me nervous to wear one now that I'm not going enough to make it necessary. This would be a great alternative! I think I'll give it a try!

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