Yay Kelley!

>> Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I remember Kelley's first day of Kindergarten like it was yesterday. It was a traumatic day, for me, at least. Even though I didn't take a picture of her on the first day I can still remember exactly what she wore. (And I'm guessing I'm the only mom who didn't take a picture on the first day of school, huh?).

Hard to believe that Kelley's elementary school career will be over in two days.

Today was the 5th grade awards banquet and she ROCKED it! (No pictures again, I'll never learn). She got awards for Academic Achievement and Excellence, Good Citizenship, Eaglevision and Chorus from School. Plus The President's Award for Academic Excellence signed "by" President Obama, and American Citizenship Excellence, with two gold pins.

Unlike the first day of school, I was able to hold back my tears. But they were right there.

We are so proud!

And even though it's gone by so fast, we are so ready to get this summer started!

I'm trying not think about middle school yet, though...yikes!


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