bullet friday

>> Friday, February 26, 2010

  • i'm really far behind on everything online, hence the lack of written out blog posts.
  • seems that internet surfing has become a full time job that i just can't keep up with.
  • how wrong is that?!
  • at one point there were close to 700, yes SEVEN HUNDRED, unread posts in my google reader.
  • i'm proud to say that i have diligently gotten caught up til today.
  • unread emails in my email accounts? really bad. mostly store sale updates.
  • despite all of this, i really do have things i want to blog about!
  • and i owe y'all a "65 in 365" update. i don't think you'll be "wowed" at all, though.
  • moving on...i decided a while back that i am now too old to enjoy magazines like cosmo and glamour, so much of the content has nothing i can relate to anymore.
  • i love magazines, though. thankfully subscriptions are cheap on amazon.
  • and i've found one that i really, really like...redbook!
  • i still do love me some people magazine. yes, i'm nosy.
  • my people usually arrives on friday. it did not arrive today, bummer.
  • kelley and bethany having been having *moods*.
  • not only do i not know how to deal with them, i don't believe they are old enough to be having *moods*. ugh.
  • i am however enjoying their softball season, just practices so far. all of the little girls really pack a punch!
  • also thrilled with how swagbucks has given ten bucks for every one!
  • thinking i need to hurry and redeem them before they change their minds.
  • but wondering why some gift cards cost so many more swagbucks than others?
  • gotta run...blogs to read, emails to delete, facebook to catch up on, and my forums and chat groups? i miss you all! i hope to check in soon. =)


Melissa :) March 7, 2010 at 11:36 AM  

Thank you for all the wonderful comments you left on my blog! So very nice to meet you. Can't wait to dig further into your blog! :)

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