65 in 365-first month update:

>> Friday, February 26, 2010

ok gotta be honest, i don't think much was accomplished. guess we'll see as i work my way down the list. if by some odd chance anything was completed, i will bold it and mark it as done. things that have been started and are still ongoing will be bolded and marked as ongoing (and i'm pretty sure nothing has become routine yet). anything that is recurring and numbered will be updated. and there will be some random comments for things i absolutely blew off. this will be humbling but a good accountability check!


1. paint and redecorate master bedroom
2. paint and redecorate master bathroom
3. repair tile around master bathroom tub
4. redecorate living room
5. redecorate screened back porch
6. have entire wood trim around house exterior and leaky window replaced
7. create desk areas for the girls

(all but one are pretty major projects, no surprise that this was a complete fail)


8. purge and reorganize girl's room-(a major purge has been done, but with kids it is forever ongoing. haven't gotten to the reorganizing part yet)
9. purge all unused items-trash, donate or sell-(ongoing, quite a bit is gone, still a long way to go)
10. make use of storage space efficiently and creatively-(i've gotten several organizational items-boxes, files, toy, shoe and hanging clothes organizers. have not used them yet. ongoing)
11. organize and file away important papers
12. order prints and update girl's photo albums (0/2)
13. get caught up on laundry and maintain a regular laundry schedule

Family Time:

14. have a movie or game night 1x per week
15. read a novel with the girls every other month (0/6)
16. date night with mr. h 1x per month (1/12)
17. date with kelley 1x per month (1/12)
18. date with bethany 1x per month (1/12)
19. go to a concert
20. take a family vacation
21. visit 2 theme parks (0/2)
22. go to "the nutcracker" ballet next fall/winter

The Girls:

23. start and complete kelley's dental work
24. start and complete bethany's chiropractor appointments
25. enroll bethany in gymnastics
26. convince girls to play spring softball and sign them up-(DONE)!
27. order ladybugs and butterflies for kelley's gardens


28. read all actual books i still have and then stick to my sony reader (2/??)
29. start skin care routine-(started but not a habit yet)
30. get a haircut
31. keep feet pedicured and toenails painted-(pedicured, painted and ongoing)
32. start taking vitamins and supplements daily
33. make dentist appointment and actually go
34. make oncology appointment and actually go
35. use wii fit plus daily
36. walk daisy 3x per week
37. get a new tattoo
38. find good homes for the kittens (3/5, bethany has claimed one as hers. ongoing)
39. catch up on 3 tv series on dvd (0/3, just got most recent season of house-can't wait to watch it! ongoing)
40. see 3 movies at the theater (0/3)


41. take all extended family out for dinner
42. call a friend or family member 1x per week
43. meet up with 2 friends i haven't seen in years (0/2)

(too bad email doesn't count. so far i've tanked on this. but have added a new thing-i love and miss actual "snail mail" so i'm going to start sending real letters to people. ordered cute sets of personalized note cards, stationery and labels)


44. learn how to use my DSLR camera and then use it exclusively
45. learn how to edit photos with photoshop
46. learn how to operate flip camcorder and make videos with the girls
47. get a personalized blog template-(switched templates but not a custom one yet, ongoing)
48. set up a crafting area
49. restart learning to sew
50. make a gift for each family member next christmas
51. start writing a book-(set up a private blog to work on this and started brainstorming topics, ongoing)


52. reopen ebay store
53. have ebay items all listed by back to school time
54. cut back on shopping for girl's clothes by at the least half -(trying to show restraint with spring and summer wardrobes, ongoing).
55. pay off credit cards, charge nothing to already paid off cards (1/4)-(Major FAIL, bought fairly expensive item for mr. h and charged it to paid off card. ugh.).
56. open savings accounts for both girls (0/2)
57. cut back on usual spending next christmas
58. start saving for a fun family "luxury" item


59. have home cooked dinners 5x per week
60. bake with the girls 1x per month
61. host meal for extended family
62. grow an herb garden and use fresh herbs when cooking

(i have a start of a meal plan and grocery list, just need to go grocery shopping. too many convenience meals. bad!)

Techy Stuff:

63. set up my itouch
64. set up ipod for the girls
65. save all pictures, music, patterns and documents to portable hard drive

ok, so not great at all. i better step it up for the next update...


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