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>> Saturday, February 27, 2010

final (way overdue) update:

first i have to admit that i don't often watch NFL football, i'm an NCAA football girl. this was the first super bowl i've watched in a long time. to me it was a bigger deal because of the new orleans saints playing and of course the curiosity of the much hyped tebow commercial. all that being said...the game was great! the commercial? much ado about nothing in my opinion.

with all of the talk ahead of time i was expecting to see a really serious, conservative, potentially dramatic and football mood ruining commercial. it was none of that, in fact, i thought the commercial was rather cutesy and a bit cheesy. other than promoting a visit to the FOTF website, i didn't see any substance. honestly? it was a huge waste of money! i checked the price to find that super bowl ads typically cost at the least 2.5 million dollars. apparently this ad space was paid for by FOTF, who received generous donations from friends to fund it. very generous friends!

don't you think that money could have been used for the same cause but in a better way? i definitely do. think about all of the organizations out there that help pregnant women who are in unfortunate situations. what about the many couples who would love to adopt, but find it unattainable because of the high costs? or how about the many orphans in our country and abroad? surely that hefty amount of money could have helped many and still promoted the message of life.

i'm still a fan of the tebow family. i'm still not a fan of FOTF. and i believe that all in all, the much hyped, very expensive ad was a big fail. i can only hope that like i previously wrote, the message helped even one woman to have the courage to have a baby that they otherwise felt too scared or overwhelmed to have.

i'd like to know about your thoughts. do you think that any good was accomplished by the commercial?


after chatting about this on facebook, i now see that part of the big deal is the lack of consistency when it comes to what will be aired or not. apparently, there were other commercials in super bowl's past that never made it to tv-i guess they were more liberal in nature. i will say that i do disagree with that. if the network is going to air a potentially controversial commercial then they shouldn't "pick and choose" when it comes to freedom of speech. because we're all created equal right? and i do admit that the super bowl is really not the time that anyone wants to think about heavy topics. though i do support this commerical, i hope that in the future "the platform" will be more equal. oh, and i'm not really a fan of FOTF-for whatever that's worth.

original post:

i would have completely missed this if not for my bloggy friend anemone pie. so i'm glad she posted about this. apparently there's quite the controversy over a commercial set to air during the super bowl with tim tebow. in summary, he is spreading the message about choosing "life". apparently his own mother was ill during her pregnancy with tim and was advised to terminate the pregnancy. she chose to continue the pregnancy and thankfully gave birth to a healthy baby. you can read more about it *here*.

as you know, i am a huge gator fan and i adore tim tebow...not just as a football player but as a person. in the years he spent playing for UF, he never disappointed. and he doesn't just "talk the talk" he also appears to "walk the walk". that is important to me!

i am also a believer in choice. a strong believer in choice. but to *me* choice doesn't just equal one option. it encompasses all options. the topic is a very passionate one and everyone has their own passionate views. i really don't think a commercial will change many views, even if it's from tim tebow.

BUT... if his message will help even one woman to have the courage to have a baby that they otherwise felt too scared or overwhelmed to have...i think that's a great thing!

no need to cause a big ruckus about the commercial, in my tim tebow loving, pro-choice mind. =)


Brandi February 27, 2010 at 7:04 PM  

WOW 2.5 million? I didn't realize it was THAT much! I knew it was a lot since it was a Super Bowl commercial but I guess with the computer graphics (when he tackles his mom) it cost quite a bit more than what most commercials do. I'm not sure about a waste of $. It's always a huge crowd with the super bowl viewing audience and it was pretty cute. I'm sure the website got quite a lot of hits after the commercial too but in my opinion the waste of $ commercial would have to go to the US census commercial. Everyone has been seeing those commercials every day since the begining of the year and everyday up until the census is due and the govt still had to pay the same price tag everyone else does.

heather February 27, 2010 at 9:47 PM  

Hey Brandi,

I couldn't find the link I used with the cost and donations to FOTF. But here is a Q&A on costs for a 30 second Super Bowl ad. It is crazy expensive!


Definitely agree that it was cute. Glad that it was done that way. If there hadn't been so much drama about it ahead of time, I'd say it was a precious commercial. But when I first saw it, my impression was more like "THIS is the big deal?" and that's a shame. I wouldn't have thought any thing other than it being a sweet commercial if it hadn't been for the hype.

I truly do hope that the commercial helped even one person. But for that amount of money, it could have been stretched for so much help for so many people. And maybe it did reach a lot of people. That's why I am curious for everyone's input.

Even though the commercials are all the rage during the Super Bowl, the only one I even remember is the Tebow ad. The others must not have been very good to not stand out to me.

Brandi February 28, 2010 at 1:09 PM  

I love super bowl commericals! They had some reall;y good ones this year with Betty White playing football, Stevie Wonder pointing out a red VW car (how does he do that? LOL!), and Troy Pollamolu/Punxatani among many other super bowl commericals. There were WAY too many Budweiser commercials though. There always are. Of course non of them are the same. Doritos hade some really great ones
Heres a link for the SB ads if you want to take a look.

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