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>> Saturday, January 23, 2010

i was in a bit of a rush with my last post. and in my excitement, the full story hadn't yet pieced itself together in my mind. ok, i think there is a little something more to, i found my camera. perhaps i had help. maybe it was divine intervention. let's see what you think...

the camera was last seen on christmas. at my parent's house where we celebrated. all of our presents and things were packed up and brought home (just a mile away). when i went to upload pictures in the following days, i noticed the camera was missing. we looked for it, however the house was in a state of disarray because we were purging, reorganizing and had a bunch of new stuff all at once. my parent's searched their house with no luck.

a couple weeks ago, i was looking for a few other things for my mom's birthday. gifts for her and one to return. i couldn't find those either. and i looked quite a bit. but in the end, i had enough other gifts that the missing ones wouldn't make too much of a difference. i was thinking they would turn up and be fine for mother's day.

now, i know where i looked for the camera and these missing items. i know where i looked.

fast forward to this week. i am really grieving the loss of the camera. the pictures from christmas and also knowing bethany's birthday party is coming up. i know that i can not figure out the new camera in time (canon rebel xti-see why i'm panicked?). i drive mr. h and my dad crazy to make sure there will be a camera to capture the birthday party. i even resort to mr. h buying a disposable camera.

a day or so ago i start price comparing new point and shoot cameras. but i don't buy one.

today...while wrapping bethany's presents, i realize i need more tissue paper and i go to the normal spot to get it. on top of the normal spot is a box. i open the box and there is my camera in it's case along with with the missing gifts for my mom. that's all that's in the box.

what's the big deal you ask?

that box was never at my parents house. it has been sitting in the same spot since before christmas. it was in no way moved during the process of putting our house back together. and i know that i have looked in that box...atleast twice before...and the box sitting under it.

the missing things were NOT there. i know they weren't there. i looked. atleast twice. maybe more. and.they.were.not.there.

the day of bethany's party, when i'm particularly distraught over it...the camera magically appears. hmmm...

mr. h thinks that perhaps my grandpa roger found it for me. the grandpa that passed away last year. i think back to a recent dream i had about him, which is a whole other story, and i think mr. h might be right. maybe it wasn't him. but i sure know that it wasn't any of us and that camera was not there before.

so that's the story of my found camera. and i offered up a silent thank you to whoever found my camera for me. =)


Team Carter Jay January 23, 2010 at 8:19 PM  

Wow, that is a truly awesome story. Thanks for sharing!!

tarzan January 24, 2010 at 1:18 PM  

Some times the reason's behind things will never be known to us.... Sometimes the "whys and wherefores" just do not matter...... As with your spiritual journey, the end result is the whole of the matter.

Rejoice and let the logistics lie where they may....God has his way.... :)

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