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>> Monday, October 12, 2009

while i wish i could take credit for this tip, i can't. but i can pass it along!

we have a gift closet. which is just that-a closet full of gifts. things that i see that i think someone may like...or atleast i like (but don't really need) go into the gift closet. and usually if i come across a great deal on something again that i may not necessarily need, well i'll snatch them up and add them to the gift closet. over time you can collect a lot of gifts!

so what do i do with them?

do you have any relatives or friends that seem to have everything? well you might have something in the gift closet that is perfect for them! once a friend shared a great deal on mechanical scissors which i guess do the cutting action for you. it was a hard deal to pass up even though i really had no need for them, but i got them anyway. and some time in the future during a get together my grandfather mentioned he was having hand problems including using scissors. if i hadn't had that particular item in the gift closet i may not have caught the casual mention. instead i had a great birthday idea for of those hard to shop for people!

other uses for gifts in my closet? i have a lot of friends i've met in various online communities along with friends at home. and the holidays aren't the only time to give a gift. sometimes people just have hard times, a period of gray days. it's so handy to check out my gift stash and find something perfect for them. i love to cheer people up!

do you have a gift closet? what kind of things to do you add to your gift collection?

and if you don't already have one, maybe this will inspire you to start collecting gifts. just because!


tjandjmkahrs October 12, 2009 at 5:51 PM  

I really need to do this. I have 6 kids, so even for them this would be good to have stuff on hand, I always seem to have to run out last minute because I didn't get so and so a gift. Thanks for sharing!

Lysana October 13, 2009 at 10:41 AM  

Awesome idea. I really like that. Especially about having something simple on hand if someone needs cheering up. I love that idea! I'm never organized enough or have enough time to do that type of thing when it needs to be done, so having it ALREADY done would be perfect!

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