The Simple Woman's Daybook for Monday, October 12

>> Monday, October 12, 2009

Outside my window... it's very dark but i can see a neighbor's candle burning.

I am thinking... the day went by way too fast and i haven't accomplished much. good thing i'm a night owl.

I am thankful for... mr. h who cooked dinner tonight.

I am wearing... same old, same old-shorts and a tee.

I am remembering... going to rock concerts with my mom-faith no more, guns n roses, metallica and ac/dc (twice!).

I am going... to be catching up on blogs for a long time, i have 355 unread entries in the google reader.

I am reading... just finished High on Arrival by Mackenzie Phillips. i'm still trying to read that dog book but it is not holding my attention at all, at this point i'm only continuing so i'm not being wasteful.

I am hoping... that bethany's report card will show an improvement from her progress report-being grounded seems to be as much punishment for me as it is her. also hoping that a package i sent to canada via express mail will truly arrive quickly. and lastly, that cooler weather is arriving via express too.

On my mind... so many things. way too many things. wouldn't it be nice to just turn our minds off once in awhile?

From the learning rooms... multiplication tables. i wow the girls with them every time. they haven't figured out that they too must memorize them.

Noticing that... it is not getting any cooler in florida-seriously it is well over 90 degrees and it's october!

Pondering these words... with God, ALL things are possible.

From the kitchen... why are my girls such picky eaters? i really enjoy cooking and according to mr. h i'm not half bad at it. however the girls can barely make it through our rule of "one complaint free bite".

Around the house... paperwork, lots and lots of paperwork. oh-and laundry too.

One of my favorite things... naps.

From my picture journal...kelley and daisy napping. have you noticed with the past couple pictures that napping is one of daisy's favorite things too?

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carebear October 13, 2009 at 1:29 PM  

I'm going to have to do this! I've read these before on your page. I'm just a bad commenter. :P
Thank you for the comment and kind words towards my son. I'm thankful too. :) He's definitely one of a kind. :)
Blessings and wishes of good health for you!

A Gracious Home October 14, 2009 at 11:30 PM  

What a great picture. I enjoyed your daybook. I want to read the book by M. Phillips. I saw her on Oprah and was so sad to hear her story. We just never know about others lives. I'm behind this week but I will visit Monday. Doylene

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