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>> Sunday, August 30, 2009

please take the time to go over and visit adrienne's blog and not only see what a true warrior she is but also offer a prayer on her behalf.

adrienne has been battling hodgkin's lymphoma since she was 9 and that was back in 1996! you name it and adrienne's been through it. not only that but she has maintained an active life and recently even graduated from college...with honors! we are talking about a tough cookie here!

not only is adrienne special to me but so is her mom alison. i have never met someone who is such an advocate for not only her daughter but so many battling lymphoma. no matter what trials they've faced as a family, alison has always offered a helping hand to others. one of the most memorable times was when my dear friend kara was told by her medical team that there was nothing left to be done for her and in essence gave up. well that was not in kara's plans at all. alison worked with kara's family to find a doctor who wouldn't give up...and guess what- kara is now in remission!

sadly though, adrienne is having quite a struggle now. and i'll be honest i am very worried for her. so please take the time to read about adrienne and get to know her, leave a comment if you are comfortable doing so and please pray for a quick turn around.

thank you!


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