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>> Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i have been a terribly irresponsible blogger. keeping up with my bloggy friends is a favorite part of my day. i'm so happy that y'all haven't caught the "bad blogger bug" that struck me.

hoping everyone had a fabulous bunch of holidays! we had a great christmas! spent lots of time with family and indulged in all sorts of yummy treats. i was a wee bit nervous that some of us were at risk for being on the "naughty" list and thus destined for lumps of coal and a bundle of switches. we lucked out- and santa spoiled us all! =)

new year's eve was spent with a houseful of giggling girls having a slumber party. and the new year was celebrated with sparkling grape juice for the girls and asti for the parents. new year's day was spent lounging on the couch watching the twilight zone marathon. it's a bit of our family new year's tradition.

life has been pretty low key since. lots of wii playing, reading and catching up on one of our favorite shows-house. there are a few crafty projects that i would like to work on, but so far haven't decided what to start first.

and in an exciting twist of events we have started looking at new houses. this is pretty long overdue, but sometimes life gets in the way. to be honest i really would like to move out of florida. just not sure how feasible that would be, so for now we are looking locally.

ok so that's the update. and hopefully returning to regularly scheduled blogging.


Tracy January 21, 2009 at 7:17 AM  

Good to see you back. I have missed you!

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