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>> Friday, June 25, 2010


I'm wanting to share an awesome new shop on etsy. For disclosure purposes, I'm not being compensated for writing this. When I saw my friend's art on Facebook, I encouraged her to open an etsy shop. This week she and her friend did just that! I promised her I would do my best to share their shop. They have been selling their art at different functions in So Flo, not living there anymore I really wanted to be able to buy a few pieces. Now I can and so can you!

ALOHA KAI "Love of the Ocean" is the shop run by Carol and Vic, two artists and surfers. They have found a way to clean up our beaches and make old things beautiful and new. They started this before the awful oil spill in the Gulf. Their art is made from items mostly collected from the Atlantic and Caribbean coasts.


Carol and I met in high school. Funny story and one to show you that though I have always had lofty aspirations to be crafty, I really don't think I have one iota of talent. (Maybe I just haven't found my niche yet). We were in ceramics class together and try as I might I could not make anything beyond the beginner's pinch pot. Carol would be whipping out piece after lovely piece, while I would have project after project fall apart or turn out downright pathetic. By the end of the year, I had not one, seriously not one ceramic masterpiece to show for my efforts. Carol took pity upon me and gave me one of her really cool pots full of swirly designs. I painted/glazed it and took it home...I was kind of proud-atleast of my color skills. But the truth, was engraved in the bottom, Carol's name!

I am pretty sure that my mom still has that pot that is now home to a plant. Yet another thing I can't do-grow plants of any kind. Instead of a green thumb I have the "thumb of plant death"! Mr. H will not let me touch any plant, flower, garden veggie. In fact, he prefers that I don't even look at them.


So back to ALOHA KAI...if you love the beach check out the shop and maybe pass it along to your friends! I just bought a few pieces that really spoke to me and reminded me of the many days spent on the beach during younger and more carefree times, ones that I've had my eyes on since Carol shared the pictures on Facebook. The images I've shared are the ones that I got. They will be a perfect addition to my bedroom redo, a room that I've been wanting to make all about peace and tranquility.

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