Caught up in the hype

>> Monday, May 10, 2010

Have you ever been caught up in the hype? You just have to get the newest whatever-it-is that everyone's talking about?

Y'all I have to confess, I am caught up in the hype and coveting the iPad! It's like I have to get one NOW or else.

Really, I don't need it. Well not that anyone needs it, but you know what I mean. I have a lot of gadgets that I've collected over the years. Some of them don't even get used often. There might even be one little thing I just had to have that I still haven't opened. Now that particular thing wasn't like this, it wasn't a brand new thing I had to have. They'd been out for quite awhile and I actually had a planned use for it, it's one of those little flip camcorder thingies. I was going to capture lots of fun moments with the girls and maybe vlog. OK probably not vlog. But you can see that I had a reason for wanting one.

The iPad? I have no reasons for my desire. None. There is nothing that I can come up with to justify such a purchase.

So instead I've been entering giveaways to win one. And I keep saying I'm going to win it for Mr. H. Yeah I don't think he believes that for one second either, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Well, you'll never guess what happened...The Pioneer Woman had a giveaway and one of the prizes was an iPad. Of course I jumped on that chance. Today I was catching up on my blog reading and PW had posted the winner of the iPad. The winner was Heather! OMGOSH! is what I said out loud to nobody. Guess you could say I was a little bit excited!

Upon further investigation I realized that Heather is a rather common name. Darn it!

So congrats to the Heather who actually won! And I'm back to coveting this silly gadget.


Moderate Means May 11, 2010 at 10:29 PM  

I completely understand - I get so excited about all of these new gadgets (but know I can't afford any of them...or need them!) And the flip recorders have been on my want list for 2 years now. They just look so cool...


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