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>> Friday, February 5, 2010

the only problem with changing blog templates is that the different links, buttons and widgets don't make the move. i'm sure most of you know that already, but just in case, always copy and save all of your bloggy extras when you change your template! finally i've got everything back in place and have added a couple of new things too. i thought this would be a good time to tell you about some of them.

here is my disclosure statement: my blog isn't monetized, meaning i don't have any ads that pay me money when you view my blog or click on ad links. i do have a couple of buttons for places that i am an affiliate for. none of the owners of these websites have asked me to write about them nor am i receiving any compensation for writing about them. as an affiliate, if you click on the button for one of websites and buy something or join the site-i get credit, points, or money to spend on the same site or to go towards my own membership costs. i can't tell you how much i receive because at this point i haven't received anything. and i haven't read the small print. honestly, i just enjoy the sites and products and would love to pass them along to you all. and maybe one day i'll get something in return.

Search & Win

the first site is swagbucks. i'm new to using this site so i don't know all of the in's and out's yet. i use it as a search engine just like i would use google. that's it! every so often i win a "swagbuck" when i search. swagbucks can then be collected and traded in for prizes and gift cards to various places like amazon. i believe you can also take advantage of great offers and win prizes! i use the swagbucks search to visit all of my normal internet stops, even my blog. it just takes a couple seconds to type it in and click-but i earn more swagbucks. since i'm new, i'm still in the accumulation phase of earning. if you join by using my button and begin using the swagbuck search, when you win-so do i up to a certain amount. i have had a couple friends sign up but so far they haven't started utilizing the search engine, so no extra bucks for me yet. i'd love for you to sign up with my button because i love free money! but even if you don't, please still take advantage of this program, it's a win/win!

the silver jewelry club. this site is cool! they offer free (!) jewelry around the clock, several items at a time, switching every 15 minutes. the catch? you just pay for shipping which is usually $6.99, that's it. they list each item's retail value usually at $50 or more. i have gotten lots of earrings, rings, pendants and have always been pleased with them. i always feel like i'm getting my $6.99 worth and then some. for pendants they offer optional necklaces to buy. the items are pretty and good quality and always come in a little pouch. my blog has a current feed of one of the items available at that time. if you click from my button and purchase one of the other items, i'm not sure if i get a commission. but again, doesn't really matter-it's just fun to treat yourself to a little gift. not sure about you, but i love getting goodies in the mail!

Download Today - Make Today!

you can make this. i love, love, love this site! they offer all sorts of crafty project patterns. from sewing to scrap booking to jewelry-there's sure to be a sweet project for everyone! i am such a crafty wanna-be, i dabble in a little bit of everything. i haven't perfected any skills. but what makes this site so awesome is that the contributors have perfected their skills and make them available to all of us in easy to learn and follow patterns. the directions are step by step and seriously couldn't be any easier to follow. there are different skills levels, even projects that you can do with your kids. they also offer a ton of free tutorials! once you purchase a pattern/instruction set it is available for immediate download and then it's yours to keep forever!

clickin moms. this is a great community forum all about photography! from point and shoot cameras to the more skilled DSLR cameras, you can learn how to take the BEST photos! always wanted to have a crisp, clear photo of your subject with that beautifully blurred background? you can learn just how to do that and so much more at clickin moms. any question you have about cameras, lighting, photo editing, printing or just how to get great photos, can be answered here. the members are of varying degrees of skills from me who is just starting to learn how to use a DSLR camera to professional photographers. and the members? they are all nice!

Funny cancer shirts and gifts

funny cancer shirts. i'm not an affiliate for funny cancer shirts, but wanted to give this online shop a shout out too! the owner and inspiration of this site is a friend i met when i was diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma and he was diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma. we all know that cancer sucks. but sometimes ya just gotta laugh! this shop makes all sorts of shirts and other items to do just that. and not only are you supporting a real live cancer survivor, but also a proceeds of sales go to various cancer charities.

Visit the Liz Logelin Foundation

the liz logelin foundation. i'm not an affiliate for this organization either. if you aren't familiar with the logelin family, you can check out their blog *here*. liz logelin died suddenly the day after her first child was born. her husband, matt, found himself not only a widower but also a single parent to a newborn. matt and madeline's adventures and life are shared via their blog. it's sure to make you laugh and make you cry. out of this tragedy came the liz logelin foundation which raises funds for other widows and widowers. one of the ways they raise money is "$7 on the 7th", donating $7 on the 7th of each month. it doesn't seem like a lot, but it does add up and many families have been helped through these efforts.

well, this is just a short list of websites i enjoy. and i hope that all of you will find one that you will enjoy too. if you sign up for any via my links...thank you! but even if you don't, still check out some great sites!


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