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>> Saturday, December 12, 2009

gosh time is moving so fast! is it just me or do you all feel that life is whizzing by way too quickly? it seems worse during the holiday season. every year there are so many things i want to do for christmas and every year the day comes and goes before i'm ready for it. this year is proving to be no exception.

y'all we haven't even decorated! that is terrible. usually we decorate the weekend after thanksgiving. we had decided this year to have a smaller tree and mr. heather was going to have a new "theme". just haven't gotten around to it yet. he also needs to replace our outside decorations as our old ones sort of croaked after last christmas. hopefully we can get it done this weekend. that's the plan anyway.

every year i intend to watch "it's a wonderful life". i've never seen it, i have it, but again time rushes by before i have a chance to sit and watch it. maybe i will actually accomplish that goal this year. we'll see.

obviously i survived the week of chaos. there were so many things scheduled that it made my head spin. i did reschedule a doctor's appointment because school snuck in another early release day. (which i have to complain is getting ridiculous!) despite that we added in another school function with kelley's chorus and chimes concert last night.

i wish we'd recorded the concert as it was really good! it was so nice-they had real christmas carols instead of made up "holiday" songs. is christmas coming back en vogue? i hope so. it was getting out of hand if you ask me, especially when the christmas tree box was labeled "holiday tree". but i digress...

kelley did really great! but seeing her up there with all of the other kids made me realize how tiny she is. it seemed like she's atleast half a foot, if not more, shorter than everyone else. between that and her quiet nature i'm always afraid she's going to get pushed around. she does hold her own pretty well though. thinking that she's going to middle school next year just blows my mind!

seriously, time is going by way too quickly!


tarzan December 12, 2009 at 11:16 PM  

I'm right behind you on no tree yet..... We were going to get it today and had company stop by..... Tomorrow after Church is our NFL game, then hopefully around 2:30 we'll be off to shop.... We'll probably drag all the stuff out Monday - lots of shopping still left to, baking to do....... oh boy I am behind, behind you..... eeekkk!

Stephanie December 15, 2009 at 12:32 PM  

I agree, this year is FLYING by!

YAY for Kelley!

Get your house decorated! I wanna see pics too! : )

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