i'm going to give swag bucks a try, but...

>> Saturday, November 21, 2009

i don't hold out a lot of hope for myself. i'm kind of an online point redeeming reject.

a few years back i signed up for mypoints. it went ok in the beginning. i spent time opening their emails, taking surveys and even took advantage of some of their offers. i went back and forth between netflix and blockbuster a couple of times, earning lots of points. and i actually did earn a couple gift cards! but when it came to going through mypoints when i did online shopping, i would forget, all.the.time. i would make my purchase and inevitably remember after the fact, that i could of logged in through mypoints and earned 2 to 5 points for every dollar i spent. ugh! i wasted the potential to earn so many points. i even tried leaving a posty note on the desk so i'd remember. didn't work. finally i got so frustrated with the lost potential that i just gave up.

then i tried my coke rewards. if you know me you know that i can't live without diet coke and between family who would give me their codes and my own habit, i earned a lot of points! eventually they changed their rules and started limiting the amount of points you could earn each week. that way it really would take forever to actually accumulate enough points for anything big. so i stopped adding codes. however i still had over 9,000 points to redeem! (told you i'm a diet coke addict, plus this was well over a year's worth of points). i never redeemed anything and let them sit. for a long time. last night i reminded myself to go ahead and redeem my points for some awesome prize. mr. h and i sat here while i logged in. i checked my points balance and it was 0. yes zero. what!? how!? i hadn't redeemed anything. after reading around the site it turns out that your points expire after 90 days of inactivity on the site. well crap. they supposedly send emails to let you know if you are getting close to losing them, but i don't remember any emails. so...all those points? gone. ugh again.

everyone's been talking about swag bucks, so i figured what the heck, i'll give it a try. i downloaded the tool bar, and felt a bit guilty as i gave up my givoogle search (it's a google search that gives money to cancer charities). so far i've earned 6 swag bucks. every time i get one i kind of squeal like a little girl, yes i'm a dork, i already know that. i haven't figured out all the in's and out's yet. so like all of my failures before, i'm sure there are swag bucks passing me by.

you may notice i have a swag bucks button on my blog now. my blog isn't monetized. i think i may earn credits if you sign up for "you can make this" through me, but i don't know if that's a fact or not-i haven't earned any credits that i know of. so, to be a good blogger, i need to tell you that if you sign up for swag bucks through my button, that i earn something. i think. not sure of what or how much, but wanted to let you know. feel free to sign up through my button, or another's button, or just through the swag bucks site. but make sure to sign up! the way i see it, there's nothing to lose right?

and so the point earning reject tries again. wish me luck!


Moderate Means November 21, 2009 at 8:50 PM  

I'm half-heartedly giving swagbucks a try, too. I can get a swagbuck a day, but making up a search for 45 days just to get an Amazon gift card for $5 isn't that motivating.

I also had a nice Coke points number going and it turned to zero! I couldn't figure out why and I can't believe I went 90 days. Thanks for solving the mystery!


Anonymous,  November 21, 2009 at 9:32 PM  

I love Swag Bucks! The key is to remember that you're not going to have hundreds overnight, but they great part is you get rewarded for things you're already doing. And as you noted, the referrals are THE best way to rack up more fast Bucks.

Good luck!!

Amy C.

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