>> Tuesday, November 17, 2009

17. seventeen. my favorite number! i think it deserves a post all on it's own. throw a 7 in front and you have the birthday of many awesome peeps, including me and kelley! 717 has become a number that seems to show up everywhere for me. one day i ought to play the lottery...

this daily posting stuff is kind of hard. figuring out what i'm going to write about and then making sure i actually do it on time. well that's the hard part. it's kind of like my bloggy friend jeanette says..."Plus, this way I can tell myself that I'm not really just sitting on my ass, I'm blogging. And since I committed to post every day, it's like a job now. So I'm working dammit, no sign of lazy here!", thanks for that little gem! today she has posted a lot of great info about tweaking your blog, be sure to click on her name and check it out!

ok, so what's on the agenda? well, i have a post idea suggested by another bloggy friend that is all ready to go and is just waiting for me to add some pictures. i will be having another awards ceremony and i'm really thrilled about that! a few carnivals here and there, the a,b,c's of me, and hopefully a few more thoughtful posts on topics that have been getting lots of attention on various boards. really, this challenge has been fun!

for all that are taking part in nablopomo, and heck-everyone-i hope you have a great day #17!


Jeanette November 18, 2009 at 11:36 AM  

Aww, thanks for the linkage! I came over here to reply to the comment you left about html, and got this surprise! You rock!

You left a comment that you would like to adjust some of your html. If you know exactly what you are looking for, I could try to help you out!

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