a shout out for good customer service!

>> Saturday, October 24, 2009

bad customer service is something that we experience so often that we don't even think much of it anymore. isn't that a shame?

good customer service seems rare these days and i definitely think it is worth spreading the news about. my shout out for good customer service goes to kohl's!

here's what happened...kelley and bethany decided to be vampiresses (is that a real word?) this year for halloween. we screen shopped quite a bit (living in a small town causes most of our purchases to be done online). turns out that kohl's had two styles that were k & b approved and with online coupon codes, were a great deal.

(as a side note for anyone who doesn't already do this-when shopping online always search for online coupon codes! more often than not you will find good ones ranging from a discount to free shipping.)

i placed the order a couple weeks ago. and the costumes seemed to be very slow in arriving. i had placed another order from kohl's around the same time and it had arrived within a couple of days. why the red flag didn't go up in my mind, i have no clue. but bethany's red flag did go up and she's been asking for days where the costumes are. today i decided to investigate. and this part is my bad...i have a few email accounts and one is reserved for online purchases and all of the advertisements that go along with them. sure enough there was an email from kohl's that my order had been cancelled as the costumes were sold out. the date of the email was quite awhile ago. again, my bad i just didn't think to check it.

so now, a week from halloween i'm in a panic! there is nowhere local to find decent costumes. i'm only a crafty wanna-be so making them is not an option. and if i can find replacement costumes online i will be paying a hefty shipping charge to get them here in time. i went to kohl's website and found that there was one vampiress costume left and by golly it was available in the two sizes i needed. but were they really available? because the original ones were apparently available as well, but not really. and i gasped at the cost of the expedited shipping cost-what a terrible waste of money.

i called kohl's and explained my conundrum. the nice guy was more concerned that the original costumes were shown as available when in fact they were not, than my slacking of checking for an email that had shown the order being cancelled. he confirmed that the costumes i was now purchasing were indeed available and offered to cut the expedited shipping cost in half. that was a relief! i did ask that an email confirmation be sent and within minutes of our call it was.

here's the biggest surprise of good customer service...he completely waived the expedited shipping costs! the costumes will be here in time (i hope) and the shipping is free for me!

so a big shout out to kohl's!!! i hope in turn that this post will encourage you to check out kohl's the next time you need to order something. (don't forget to look for coupon codes, there's a few good ones out there!).

the only downside to this story is that both kelley and bethany will be matching vampiresses. but i'm pretty sure that when i explain this to them they will be fine with it!


Lysana October 26, 2009 at 10:17 AM  

That is awesome! I bet they will be adorable, and I'm so glad it is working out for you. Can't wait to see pictures! I love Kohl's, and this is just another reason to love them even more!

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