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>> Thursday, October 29, 2009

matt, liz and madeline. my favorite blog. i'm sure most of you already read it, but if not i encourage you to check it out. just click on the name.

mommy. i am one and i love it. sometimes i look at kelley and bethany and can not fathom that i helped create them. i'm so proud.

mammie. that is my mom. when the girls came along she became mammie. i am truly blessed to have my mom. i could write pages about her. just know that i love my mom so much and a girl always needs her mom.

macaroni and cheese. one of my favorite comfort foods.

manx. cats that do not have tails or full tails. two of my cats are manx. the breed is considered to be the most "dog like" of all cats. they are precious.

missionary. this is something i have always dreamed of doing. being a nurse, i could surely do something good for people. africa is my dream location.

mini boden. one of my favorite places to shop for kelley and bethany.

music. so important in my life. i love all types of music. and i always have a song in my head, like i have a personal radio station. often i have no clue why whatever song is playing, so i try to think about it and find a possible reason. usually i can.

medications. i take too many. way too many.

mean. i really dislike it when people are mean. and i get very upset with myself when i have been mean.

mustangs. my favorite car. my first car was a 1966 mustang that i named mr. furly. this picture is not mr. furly, but a pretty close twin. i also had a newer mustang until i had kids.

mood swings. i have them. sometimes they are really bad and i feel sorry for my family and friends who have to put up with them. i try hard to control them. it doesn't work too well.

marriage. is hard work. if i were to ever find myself single again, i think i would stay single. (speaking of marriage, about mr. h, you can read about him on my "c" post).

money. they say you can't buy happiness. but i do believe having plenty of money would make life a little less stressful and give it the potential to be more fun.

memes. i really like them. i love to learn about others and share who i am.

oops! forgot one...

michelle. my middle name.


Shana October 29, 2009 at 3:22 PM  

Great M's! I love mac & Cheese too!

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