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>> Thursday, October 15, 2009

my bloggy friend shannon tagged me. and now i get to reveal eight random things about me that people don't already know. sounds easy, huh? nope not for me...i'm wide open. in turn i will be tagging six of you to do the same!

1. i have been in three car accidents that were all pretty rough. none of them my fault thank goodness and other than bumps and bruises i was always ok. except that my number one phobia is car accidents. i am absolutely no fun on car trips and always freak when i hear screeching breaks in the distance, if they end in a crash then i really freak!

2. the only dreams i ever seem to have (or atleast remember) are nightmares. except for when i dream of my childhood home which is now well over 100 years old and pretty big and creepy. i always have good dreams of the house and would love to buy it and raise the girls in it.

3. i have been to more funerals as a teenager than an adult. i'm not wanting that to change any time soon. but with facebook i am truly shocked at how many of my former classmates have passed away.

4. speaking of facebook-thanks to that and email, etc. i am in contact with almost every one of my bestest childhood friends. some i haven't actually seen in over 25 years.

5. i am OCD about certain things. weird things. if i touch my body in any way, stretch, blink my eye, i have to do the same thing to the opposite side of my body or else i feel "uneven".

6. i pray or more so chat with God all throughout the day plus every night before i go to sleep. it's very conversational and i wonder if He prefer i were more formal when i pray to Him.

7. growing up, my parents and i watched a lot of horror movies. they didn't scare me at all. now they do! the final destination series are the worst! (but i still like them). i think i'm more liberal with my girls than my parents were with me but i don't let them watch horror movies. well maybe a couple that aren't really gruesome.

8. if i could go back and change any of my life experiences, having cancer is not one that i would change. well, i would change the left over permanent damage. but not the cancer experience itself. it has to have changed me, taught me things, etc. and there must have been a reason for it.

there you go! did you know those things? some of you did i'm sure. and i apologize as the tone was really morbid. i didn't intend to do that on purpose-it's hard to think of things that wouldn't come up in any type of usual conversation.

here's the list of who i'm tagging and i'll also leave you a comment to let you know:
kathy, chrissy, dorien, lisa, stephanie, alison.

a couple of you have been a wee bit slack in the blogging department, so i hope this will get you back to blogging!


Stephanie October 22, 2009 at 9:00 AM  

Ok, I am gonna do mine today too! :)

Loved reading your list!

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