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>> Friday, September 18, 2009

  • i so wish we had fall weather, or atleast have the temperature drop below 80 degrees or even 90 degrees. ick.
  • very anxious to bust out clothes for the new season. is it wrong to lower the air conditioner so i can?
  • every day i fall more in love with my girls.
  • but i really don't care for the mood swings.
  • i guess they get the moods from me, huh?
  • been reading the sookie stackhouse books, definitely not at all like twilight!
  • so sad that patrick swayze has passed away.
  • i never get tired of watching dirty dancing.
  • i hate cancer.
  • disappointed that i couldn't convince the girls to play fall softball.
  • i wish i could play softball.
  • speaking of sports, i'm so excited that it's college football season!
  • it's almost time for mr. h's birthday and i think i did a good job with his gifts.
  • another birthday has come, my best kitty ferris is 16 years old now.
  • ferris's age is catching up with him and it's sad to watch the changes.
  • i've had ferris for my entire adult life, he's been there for all of my ups and downs.
  • thinking about what to do for a "family fun night".
  • i definitely think the night should involve ice cream!
  • hopefully ice cream will cheer the girls up, have i mentioned they are really moody lately?
  • and it's too darn hot outside.


Stephanie September 18, 2009 at 4:29 PM  

Love this! It was fun to read, I may have to give it a go. : )

Mom2my9 @ 11th Heaven September 22, 2009 at 10:47 AM  

Patrick Swayze passed away? I had no idea! I'm so stunned, now I have to go back and finish reading the rest of your post...

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