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>> Friday, July 17, 2009

  • today is a big day...birthdays! as i'm counting on my fingers, i'm up to 8 who share this day.
  • this day makes me officially old...35 and even older because today also makes me a mom to a 10 year old!
  • not a lot of celebrating happening yet, we'll be having the party tomorrow.
  • i will have to take a walk down memory lane later and tell you about kelley's entrance into our world.
  • as for my entrance, i believe i was almost born in a car...my mom didn't realize she was in labor (we nurses sometimes goof), when she did realize it, well then she had to make sure the house was tidy and the floor was vacuumed. if not for my grandma mccarthy, i may have been born at home doing housework!
  • in other news...we are still working on buying a house, "the" house...but are also checking out other properties just in case. there's only so much that can happen before the lightbulb moment happens and you realize "the" house just might not be for us.
  • it is really, i mean really hot...and humid.
  • i hate to perspire, and this atmosphere just makes me plain sweat *yuck*!
  • we still have 5 kittens for adoption, if you open your door to a basket containing a sweet orange kitten, you are obligated to keep it!
  • the kittens have been introduced to our "gen pop". daisy loves them, vader loves them, ferris is too old to be bothered and he let's them know it.
  • as for theo-you know theo, well he is not happy. at. all.
  • i did finish the "great toy purge of oh nine", well other than books.
  • the rest of my household duties have been waiting, i don't worry about it much-i know they won't leave me.
  • instead i'm driving myself to brink of sanity with such facebook games as farkle, bejeweled blitz and typing maniac.
  • ugh that typing maniac!


Tracy July 20, 2009 at 7:10 AM  

Happy Belated Birthday!!!! Hope you had a great weekend. xoxo,t

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