>> Monday, February 23, 2009

i recently confessed about my girly clothes habit. and it all started with gymboree. sadly though, not discovering the store when the girls were babies and even worse missing out on the mod zebra and splash lines.

when i did discover gymboree, it didn't take long for them to have me hook, line and sinker. the first line i got was spring fun followed by bonjour provence, tropical paradise and pool party. you've got to admit that was quite a line up.

but-i think i was so seriously addicted by that point that i didn't realize those were my only truly favorite lines. looking back, none of the rest stand out to me. and now, well maybe it's that the girls are getting too old for a lot of the styles or that school has what they call a "dress code" or even that i'm just really tired of all the fuss...but i really don't think i like gymbo anymore. there...i said it.

it became apparent this weekend. i had a coupon to use and although i am cutting back A LOT, kelley seriously has grown and needs new clothes and an occasional outfit for bethany so she doesn't feel left out. now back in the gymbo hey day i would have seen the new line before it came out and my shopping cart would have been arranged and rearranged perfectly for the next big shopping event. this time however i hadn't even been to site til i went to buy. i noticed it was gymbuck earnings time again...is this a constant now? seems like it.

so i browsed. a couple of things jumped out at me and kelley promptly vetoed them. so i browsed some more. i just wasn't feeling it. but kelley needs new clothes, clothes that fit and i was determined. in the end i got some pretty basic outfits. and instead of feeling so excited when i hit submit like the good old days, it was more just an "eh".

oh and yippy i earned gymbucks.


pinkebody February 24, 2009 at 9:38 AM  

Cute as a Button was the line that did me in :-)

Now tho, I could really take it or leave it with Gymbo.

The layette stuff is cute, but that's about all that catches my eye anymore.

Not sure if the new baby will even wear Gymbo, but there is sure a lot of Gap in the little one's wardrobe already.

Ashley February 24, 2009 at 1:31 PM  

Hey Heather!! I bet it is fun dressing 2 girly girls!!

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