there are just not enough hours in the day!

>> Tuesday, January 27, 2009

seriously! there are so many things i want to do and there just is not enough time. (notice i didn't mention the things i need to do...well cause those types of things are not fun and therefore i'm totally cool with procrastinating and ignoring them...and yes this gets me into trouble.)

before i go on and share all of the things i try to squeeze into my days, i will share with you what my life used to be like. up before 5am. showered getting ready for work. two girls up, dressed, fed. belongings for the day collected and out of the neighborhood before the sun came up. drop girls off at school, and for two years that was two different schools. then arrive at work. spent the next gazillion hours working, working, working. a little, ok probably a lot of gabbing and snacking happened too. lunch eaten at the desk. at some point i was released from the work detail. picked up the girls and headed home. if it wasn't already dark, well that was a great day. homework help. throw together some sort of dinner for the girls-they are picky eaters so usually it was some sort of processed, easy to make, repetitive food jag, meal. bath and bed time for the girls. then collapse infront of the tv or computer. hoping that i would not get a call from work to tell me that i needed to come back at 11pm for another full shift. if not-crash into bed. rinse and repeat.

doesn't sound fun does it? it sucked. and all the while i would daydream about what it would be like if i was one of those lucky wives and moms who got to stay home. serving hot meals for breakfast, baking cookies, watching tv shows about those families with a gazillion perfectly behaved children, maybe watch some soaps or heck even oprah (actually, i don't know if i've ever watched oprah before-surely i must have), tending a garden, chaperoning on field trips and making cute little goodie bags for all of children during the school holiday parties.

and now i am one of those at home people. albeit a pretty crappy way to end up with such luck, but i digress...

so now with my new found time at home i am sure you are wondering what on earth i am wanting to do that there isn't enough time for. reading books-i have been plowing through them but there are just so many! magazines are stacking up. i'm so far behind on tv shows that i want to watch-thank goodness for complete series on dvd. (we may be the only household without DVR?) there are wii games to be played, nintendo ds games to be played, fabric to be sewed, craft projects to be created with the girls, cooking with the girls, photos to be taken on a camera that i just had to have-one that has more buttons and controls than a space shuttle, photo editing to learn, blogs to read, blogs to write, so on and so forth.

and then there's about a procrastination playground! i'm even falling behind on that. i've been tagged for so many of those question/answer thingies. word games to be played (hey they are good for recovering from chemo brain!), mice to catch, eggs to find, hatch and feed, and requests for all sorts of clubs to join, gifts to receive, save the rainforests, the oceans, the spotted owls. and, and, and...the whole point of why i'm on facebook? to keep connected with friends!

over the past several months i have taken vacations from message boards, thinking surely that was where my time has gone. my activity on ebay, much decreased. time spent at the many online stores that i love to shop at for my girls? nope not even spending a lot of time doing that. in fact, i made a vow to myself during a stain treating marathon that my obsession with dressing the girls was going to have to be curtailed...majorly. no longer replacing the wardrobes each season and selling the previous years clothing. nope, the girls are going to start wearing their clothes til they grow out of them. i will buy only when they truly need something (or if i happen to come across something that i, er, they just must have).

so where am i going wrong? i have turned off the computer completely for a day or two. but my word! when you turn it back on-talk about being behind! you my cyber friends-are busy, busy people! i guess i could sleep less. but if you've kept up with me on facebook then you know that lately i appear to have an increased need for my beauty rest. as i briefly hinted in the beginning, i slack on some of my more responsible duties, so there's not much more i can do there. (bad me!).

i try to multi-task already...several computer windows open at a time. being a guitar hero while goodies are baking. books and magazines in the bathroom-or sometimes completely ignoring the urge until it's an absolute "oh my gosh-can i make it in time" moment. (oh come on you know you do it too!). but i absolutely, positively have to draw the line in the sand that i will not, can not computer in the bathroom. that's just wrong!

so, that's that. as i try to figure out how to squeeze in more...i'm left to wonder if maybe i'm just a little too ambitious?


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