so i thought this was a down market? you know with that recession stuff and all...

>> Thursday, January 29, 2009

now i will fully admit that i don't understand economics, nor do i really want to learn more than i have to. it's kind of too mathy for me.

but i did have to question some things i've heard over the past couple months...about how it's just impossible to get approved for a loan even with a stellar credit rating. it's terrible...heck you can't even get a car. let alone a house. probably not even a credit card. and i know at first glance it does make sense. maybe this was just a crazy little thought in my mind, but what better way to boost a failing economy than by stimulating it? but again, i don't know much.

moving along. we need a new house. doesn't have to be a mansion on the beach (though i certainly wouldn't complain). but let's just say that my "batchelorette pad" is kind of a tight squeeze for the family that has joined me here. due to my circumstances i have nothing to offer in gaining a mortgage loan. it's best that i just hide under a rock. so that leaves mr. heather or on a cranky day, mr. grumpus. he would be a first time home buyer, is a veteran and has been working really, really hard at boosting his credit score.

let me set the scene a our town, neighborhood, etc. every other house is for sale. or for rent. they sit and sit. it's a retirement community...a snowbird mecca. and i don't really like it. but here is where i'm stuck. not really a great place for raising girls-they have plans and all. and because of the great back yards (eye roll), well the prices are usually outrageous. hence why they sit and sit.

last week we actually went to look at a house. we do have a few wants and needs. and this house had a lot of what we were looking for. and it was affordable. tho it did have a couple of things kinda hard to overlook-like the lack of a dishwasher and garbage disposal, terazzo flooring in the master bath, and laundry hook the kitchen (i'm thinking contractor on crack maybe?). but that could all be fixed right? it had space. wow! we were excited! but unlike every other over-priced house that doesn't meet our wants and needs-it didn't sit. an offer was made (and apparently accepted) a few hours before we looked at the house.

our realtor suggests that a pre-approval for a mortgage loan would be a good thing to have. and so mr. heather sets forth on this adventure. and nearly falls over dead from shock that he has been pre-approved. quick and easy. THAT quick and easy. so...back to excited we go!

and, and, and...our limits are a bit higher than we had anticipated. (now we're not the type to get in over our heads...usually). but that doesn't mean we can't add a couple more wants/needs to the list right?

another house is found online. and it's really a good one from what we can see-imagine 3 acres for a family squished into a "dollhouse" sized house! (i'm totally serious about that! even our appliances are teeny). and, and, inground pool! we live in florida ya know-a pool! it's well within our budget. and mr. heather wants to go right then and there to see it. but i should probably mention it was the middle of the night...last night.

no problem! we'll go see it today, right? wrong! it too, snatched up. it's a down market, recession, nobody's lending? again no rocket surgeon here-but something just isn't adding up.

mr. heather is sooo disappointed. he has morphed into mr. grumpus.

tomorrow i guess we will drive past all those homes for sale that have been sitting empty so long the realty signs are faded from the sun. and no, none of them really fit into our wants and needs. they are nice enough i guess. but they definitely are out of our budget because of those back yards i mentioned. which would be all fine and good...if you like having a golf course for a back yard. which we don't. we want space, room for the girls to run and play, to explore and raise a spitting llama if they want. and they absolutely should not have to share their back yard with grumpy old men in pastel plaid shorts and pink shirts hitting golf balls at them.



Stephie January 29, 2009 at 5:24 PM  

Heather I know the perfect house will come along! I promise it will! And right now you are right it's not as hard as the media makes it sound to get a loan. My mom is a mortgage loan person and she had 50 closings this week! That's about double her average number of loans. They've actually run into banks/lenders running out of money though and not being able to fund the loan which is a BIG problem but overall right now is a great time to buy a home! I'm so excited for you guys!

notjustanylisa January 31, 2009 at 11:19 AM  

I enjoyed your post. Just sending good vibrations your way for you finding the perfect house for the the heather family. hugs.

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