>> Monday, October 13, 2008

ok i have to admit that i'm really looking forward to seeing this movie, heck i may even take a trip to the theater.

i know, not something i would typically be interested in. i recently read a little blurb from oliver stone about it and i just find the movie and even W a bit intriguing. yes, the people behind the movie are of a liberal bias and it's a bit satirical. and maybe that makes it a little more appealing.

as W's time in office winds down, sometimes i ask myself how did he do it? twice? and not to say anything negative, he's a likable enough guy, married to a smart and classy wife. and father of two daughters to be extrememly proud of. they all seem like a really down to earth family.

but as a floridian i'm more familiar with jeb. and let's face it...it really seemed like he would have the son on deck for the presidency. (and i have been extremely surprised that jeb was notably absent during this election period). all that being said- just really interested in seeing this movie.


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