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>> Thursday, September 25, 2008


some of y'all know i have trouble with phone-a-phobia and leaving messages is the worst. plus since chemo i have trouble speaking and getting the right words, etc.

so i have to call in a prescription refill to the doctor. i'm on the voice mail leaving all of the medication and pharmacy information...

and my husband FARTS (ugh i hate that word) LOUDLY and it was a LOOOONG one.

i mean there is NO WAY it's not picked up on this voice mail...so i have to keep trying to talk.

i hang up and he's nowhere to be seen...i YELL! WHERE ARE YOU?!

he is on the kitchen floor ROLLING WITH LAUGHTER.

he says you didn't even stutter or miss a beat, just kept on talking! like it happens all the time and you're used to it. meaning I pass gas so much or something.

(and truly in my mind it felt like time stopped for awhile as i processed this)

he has laughed about it ALL DAY LONG! (ok i've been laughing too)

claims it's his best one in a looooong time. hmpf!

i WILL so get him BACK!


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