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>> Wednesday, September 17, 2008

chuck. that's my husband. he's very...unique. he's an expert marksman and a hospice nurse. no, he doesn't mix his hobby with work.

chocolate. i have had a long love affair with chocolate. however i can no longer eat most chocolate. this makes me sad. and a little mad that i haven't lost any weight.

candy corn. i like it only during the month of october and only if it's brach's.

clothes. my girls have way, way, way too many. a good thing-i don't have to wash their laundry for a month and still have enough. a bad thing-i hate washing a month's worth of their laundry at one time.

car rides. i hate car rides. i get bored. i fear crazy drivers. i get car sick. enough said.

crows. they scare the bejeebers out of me. i have reason to believe they work with the grim reaper.

christmas eve. this is my favorite day/night of the year. it's so magical, so special. i just love it.

curls. i have them now. other than it's cancer killing properties curls are the only good to come out of chemotherapy.

cancer. the killer. i hate cancer. i hate talking about it because i don't want to be defined by it. but i feel a certain responsibility to share with other people. if you've ever read the statistics...the odds are against most of us. however i am now a proud member of CiMB (cancer is my bitch!).

cancer. the zodiac sign. i'm a cancer and i'm true to every characteristic. except one-i don't have a green thumb. i am certain death to plants.

(the)Case for Christ. this was a really good book. when i feel my faith waiver, i remember what i learned from this book.

coffee. i don't like it.


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