It's Earth Day 2010, and this is what I'm doing about it. Or green and crunchy missed me. Or I just FAIL.

>> Thursday, April 22, 2010

Seems that these days there is a lot of talk and action about going "green" and becoming "crunchy". The phenomenom appears to be a good one, taking care of Mother Earth and our families. I can't find anything wrong with being green and crunchy. Not everyone believes that humans have an adverse effect on the environment, which I do. However, green and crunchy is certainly a good thing for our planet regardless of what our thoughts are. I think everyone does agree that there are things that are harmful to our bodies out there. So any change to reduce the introduction of harmful chemicals and what-nots to our bodies and our children's bodies is also great.

Now I have to confess...I am not very green or crunchy. *gasp* Why? I have no idea. When I look at myself and my life, I surely would fit in well. People consider me a tree hugger, I was always the "hippie chick", am a nurse, have had an immune system cancer with no known cause, am a mommy who wants the best for her children. And I am just not green or crunchy.

I support this cause. And I have tried to adopt it, really I have! But it's just not sticking.

I've gotten a bunch of reusable bags for the grocery store, but they never get used. A couple years ago we tried to grow a garden. It didn't work out. I'm a Cancer and I match the traits of that sign perfectly except for one...I don't have as a green thumb. I kill every plant I touch. We have talked about replacing our lightbulbs with whatever the green and crunchy type are, but have never done it. We would definitely recycle if our trash service made it more convenient like we've had in the past. As it is now, we would have to seperate our trash, no biggy, and then actually drive it to a recycling center. It sounds like a lot of work. We do have a recycling center nearby though...I should probably give a little more effort on recycling now that I've actually thought about it. I need to work on not relying on convenience foods and actually cooking meals regularly for my family, before I can concentrate on organic foods. I have eaten hummus and it was OK, but nothing that would become a staple in our diets.

There are a couple of things I actually do. The girls and I have t-shirts promoting the cause. That probably doesn't count does it? I don't litter! We buy our tomatoes from a road-side stand. Those plastic bags we get for our groceries? I save them and reuse them for things like litter box duty and to line small garbage cans in the bathroom. I wash some clothes in cold and hang dry, it's more for keeping clothes in good shape but it still counts. What else? Thinking. Surely there's more. Still thinking. Heck, I'm not coming up with anything. I must be nervous being put on the spot and all.

So that's a snapshot of my "green and crunchy" life. Obviously I fail.

There is every reason why I should make it a priority to be green and crunchy. No reasons why I shouldn't. At the least make *some* changes. In honor of Earth Day I will now start my green and crunchy journey. I'm going to make Earth Day every day!

Are you green and crunchy? What changes have you made that you think are most important? And could you help me out? Where should I start?


Lysana April 23, 2010 at 10:10 AM  

I'm actually one who believes that our impact is so insignificant compared to other, natural environmental factors, that we probably aren't making THAT much of a difference one way or the other. (On global warming or cooling, I mean, not on pollution in general, that's obvious.)

However, I do agree it's our job to be responsible about where we live. We do recycle. We get plastic bags at the grocery, but use them for things like cat litter and diapers (they're very handy)! We are putting in CFLs and LEDs when we replace light bulbs, where we can (usually).

We don't have a garden, although I would LOVE to. We buy from Farmers Markets when we can, but it's usually the local Kroger. We do try to buy free-range or hormone-free meat, especially chicken (which is 90% of the meat we eat). We eat out too much. I use styrofoam cups at work, although I have been making a greater effort lately to use the glasses and mugs in the cabinet instead. We use paper plates at home.

I do not consider us green and crunchy. Not by a long shot. But we do make efforts. We don't go out of our way to make efforts, but we do try. Just because it's a good...oh, it's a cliche word, but stewardship of the Earth and our homes.

So I guess I do think it's important, just not for the same reasons as a lot of people. We obviously do have an impact on the environment. Look around you - it's right there. I don't think we are causing warming or cooling, but that doesn't mean we should spew pollutants into the atmosphere whenever we can, either.

Oy...disjointed. I know. Sorry. LOL!

MY LIFE WITH BOYS! April 23, 2010 at 5:35 PM  

Funny post!
Our town just started curb side recycling. We have always done it. Or should I say my husband has. We have 3 plastic trash bins in our trash closet. One for trash, cans/bottles to return, and one for recycles. I found it helped me because it drove me nuts to have it on the counter or to always have to run out to the garage with it. Now it is much easier to deal with. Hubby just dumps the bin once full and we are all set.
I think it takes small steps to get to all of it.

Struggler April 27, 2010 at 11:32 AM  

My husband pretty much forces me to be green and crunchy; if I throw away something that can be recycled, he fishes it out and puts it in the proper container. (It does help, that when we remodeled our kitchen, we got separate bins). He also bought a hybrid car, which we share.
Regarding your reusable bags, I keep mine in the car trunk which makes it much easier to remember them at the store. And perhaps you could try switching just a couple of your bulbs; to be honest, I don't like the light they give off as much (it's very blue/cold), but in a warmer colored shade, it's fine.
Keep us posted!

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