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>> Saturday, April 3, 2010

Did you know that Easter Eve is actually a holiday of sorts? Well it is. Not quite like Christmas Eve. It's more of an anniversary. One of my bestest of friends, Krissy, and I picked Easter Eve as the anniversary of our friendship. Tonight is somewhere around our 23rd anniversary. (Wow-that makes me feel very old). Of course there is a story that explains why we picked Easter Eve as our anniversary.

Growing up in our neighborhood was full of awesome. There were a lot of kids. On just our street were three of us girls who were all the same age. And there were older brothers. And, well just a lot of us. It was a big neighborhood. We always had fun-every day! One of our traditions was playing *manhunt* at night. Some of the guys actually wore camouflage, and us girls usually just wore something dark. Another habit that Krissy and I had was telling each of our parents that we were spending the night at the other's house. This always worked out easily and we had many fun nights "out". (Kelley and Bethany better not ever try that. I'm really hoping that my experience as a kid will enable me to know when they are trying to pull one over on me).

So back to Easter Eve...It was one of those nights where we were "at each other's house". We decided to deliver Easter Eggs filled with treats to all of our neighborhood friends. Our brilliant idea was to sign each egg with a marker from the "camo bunny". No joke! As we spent several hours that night filling the eggs with candy, signing the camo bunny's signature, and delivering eggs throughout the neighborhood...it was then that we decided that Easter Eve shall be the anniversary of our friendship!

All these years later, I think back to the good old days. We had so much fun. Of course back then all we really wanted to do was grow up and be adults. Because adults could do whatever they wanted. If only we knew then what we know now...sigh. These days I see the same in Kelley and Bethany, wishing they were grown ups. They have big plans. I tell them all the time that their days as a grown up will be here before they know it, and it will last forever...but the fun days as kids will be gone. And they'll miss them. Like all kids before them, they just don't believe me.

Happy Easter!


Kristin April 5, 2010 at 1:38 PM  

What an awesome friendship!

Gosh, isn't it unimaginable that we could run around like that when we were younger - and now there is so much fear that our kids will be harmed or snatched. So sad!

Hope you had an awesome Easter!

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