oh, woe is me...still

>> Wednesday, March 24, 2010

OK totally kidding about the whole "woe is me" thing. The intense pain comes and goes, but I am able to deal with it. Most of the time.

I did want to give an update though...

The tooth in question is still with me. It's plainly seen from an outward glance that something is quite wrong. They took x-rays and apparently it's quite a bit worse than I realized. It will need to come out, but today wasn't the day. Apparently there is so much abscessed and infected areas right down to the bone and if they injected a numbing agent, it wouldn't take. There is no area available to absorb the med and therefore it wouldn't numb anything. Obviously given that circumstance, I wasn't about to argue.

So the plan is a week of round the clock antibiotics and then an extraction in a week. The assistant said it will likely be a surgical extraction and that was how they were going to explain it to the insurance company. I have no idea what the difference is. Not sure I want to know the details.

I'm disappointed that the tooth can't be saved. I've always been a freak about teeth. It probably wasn't my fault that this happened to begin with, but it is totally my fault that it got this bad. So a lesson with consequences for me. Fortunately it's a molar tooth way in the back. And they can permanently install some sort of "frankentooth" that won't affect the teeth surrounding it.

Also, they've discovered some adverse effects to my gums from chemotherapy. They apparently have a plan in mind for that, which I hope will reverse the bad effects.

Guess I'll be spending atleast another week clutching my bottle of Motrin and looking like this:


tarzan March 24, 2010 at 10:42 PM  

I'm sorry you're going to lose the tooth, I know it will help you recover tho.... just get thru the week and take it easy on yourself.....

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