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>> Tuesday, March 2, 2010

ok, so a lot of my future goals involve beautifying my home. a recent blog sensation (though i think it's gone now) had a family of 5 and wanting to grow in a very small space. we are a family of 4 that probably won't grow, plus pets in a kind of smallish home.

my first desire would be to move to a larger home. however, due to circumstances that is completely up to mr. h to pursue. don't get me wrong, he accepts input, but the financials are on him. he had a house he fell in love with, we had several offers and extended offers that were accepted. but on the selling end disaster after disaster occurred and the deal was off. i'll give mr. h kudos for being patient (overly patient). that particular house is now in some sort of process of foreclosure, i don't know if he would be able to attain it. because of this, mr. h has lost interest in really getting out there looking for homes. we tell him that the time is now, prices are good and not going to last forever. again, it's on him. so that leaves us where we're at...my batchelorette pad.

my first round of questions is regarding the girl's room. they did have a room remodel a couple years ago thanks to their mammie and papa which included the bunkbeds, repainting and bedding/curtains. here is a picture of their room right after that was put together sans any wall decorations or additional items like toys, tv, etc. it's mostly a shot of the bed. there isn't too much more to add other than open space at the foot of the bed to closet, which is now not a closet but an open nook.

we all debate the need for the girls to have their own room. i believe that one day this will be something they want. at this point they can't make up their mind. they say they want their own rooms, but i think they would more than likely stick together even if they had two seperate spaces. they are 9 and 10 1/2, with kelley entering middle school next year.

what do you all think? do kids need their own rooms? and at what age should it become necessary? i've been reading lots of blogs of large families who believe that kids do not need their own room, that together time is spent outside of the bedroom. i'm an only child so i have no opinions. i did have a room mate at boarding school and that worked out fabulously, we were two peas in a pod.

the bottom bunk is not connected and could be wheeled to another location leaving a neat little cubby under the top bunk. also they have a small tv stand with a new flatscreen tv/dvd player (thank you papa!). beyond that is toys, toys, and more toys. one toybox that is "little tykes" style. they each have an armoir for their american girl dolls. i've gotten lots of smallish varying sized tote boxes and several hanging style "shelving" units-they are fabric like and can hold folded clothes, toys, stuffed animals, etc. and also a couple styles of over-the-door pocket organizers.

we have taken off the doors to their closet and i've moved all of their hanging clothes to another closet in our mini hallway (board games are stored in that closet as well). as they are getting older and preferring jeans and shirts to actual outfits, i don't see a big need for hanging closet space other than for church dresses. the new closet area has given them a bit more room. they each have a hanging shoe rack on opposite ends.

the only other detail is that they have their own bathroom which can be accessed from their room directly via a sliding pocket door.

do you have any ideas on how to maximize their space? one goal i have is to make each girl their own desk area. this can be in their room (maybe the emptied closet nook) or outside of their room. would you leave the bottom bunk in place or see if it might fit elsewhere in the room (again thinking the emptied closet nook).

i think once i actually utilize the new storage items i've gotten then it would really change the room.

and my last question for the girl's room...how do you keep your kids rooms clean? i can't decide if my girls are slobs or if it's the norm? i remember my room was messy and i had to be in the "mood" to clean it. so it could be normal or they could have just inherited the slobbiness from me. typically, i clean their room when i can't stand not being able to walk about their room. but i know they are old enough to an adequate job themselves. bethany has a terrible habit of shoving all sorts of things into all sorts of places that they don't belong. so, please...share your secrets!


Stephanie March 2, 2010 at 10:11 PM  

Lots of good questions Heather! I did not have my own room until after college! I think that sharing is always an option. My sis and I are 13 months apart and for the most part it worked out well. It sounds like you have everything organized well!

GChen March 3, 2010 at 8:47 AM  

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tarzan March 4, 2010 at 2:07 PM  

This brought a smile to my face as I remembered back to when my kids were younger... It was a constant battle that continued until they left home! I used to worry a lot about it, then I heard a "professional" one time say that when they suddenly lose something they desperately need, or when it begins to smell bad, or when they trip and fall because they didn't pick something up, and when they run out clean clothes to wear to school because it was not taken to the laundry, they WILL understand the "why" behind Mom's "you must". In the meantime, shut the door, give them gentle reminders every day and hope for the best. One thing I can guarantee, after they get a home of their own you will be amazed at their sudden change in how they take care of it, and it will warm your heart. :)

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