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>> Saturday, February 6, 2010

update: while putting together my gap order, i popped over to old navy to see if they had some shorts to match a couple of shirts on sale at gap. old navy is having a big sale on their kid's and baby items. i only took a quick peek and saw that they had some awesome discounts! i'm getting ready to do a little more shopping now.

a couple things i did notice...first of all they had a better selection of madras plaid type shorts than gap. also, bethany loves hello kitty and gap only had one style of HK shirts. old navy has several styles that i know bethany is going to love. and old navy's prices were much cheaper! i don't know about y'all but i've never had any quality issues with old navy and unlike the brands that i resell, i wash and dry old navy stuff like normal instead of my reselling laundry holds up fine for me.

i haven't checked for any promotional codes yet. however it looks like shipping is free with orders over $50. and again don't forget my points, they are also giving 4 points for ever $1 spent. you can't beat that! ok, off to shop! and yes i do have some shopping issues LOL. though, i am remembering my goal to cut back...


seems like i have a bit of a shopping theme happening around here. i do love to shop. i do most of my shopping online since my small town has very few good stores. can you imagine not having a target? that my friends, is the place i live. i've noticed something strange now that i'm so used to shopping online...when i have the opportunity to shop in an actual clothing store, i become totally overwhelmed by all of the clothes everywhere. really overwhelmed! i'm so not use to being able to see everything all at once.

i have been reading a lot of new blogs lately that are about being frugal (but that doesn't mean cheap...frugal people like nice things, too!). so now i'm going to blog about spending money. but to my fellow frugal bloggy friends-i promise that your lessons are making an impact on me. it's just that time for me to start looking ahead to spring and summer clothes for the girls. well, more so summer, as florida's spring lasts about a week. i haven't forgotten my "65 in 365" goal to cut back on buying clothes for the girls. but they do grow and i still love to shop. i'm going to make a big effort to buy less and i am pretty good about always shopping during sales and promotions.

so, on to gap's deals...

jean promotion-buy one pair of jeans and get another pair for $10. i've noticed some capri jeans in the mix which will be good for us and the florida heat. this offer is available online til 2/10 and in stores til 2/11. shop quickly, the jeans usually sell out fast!

25% off spring stock up event: unfortunately this is for adult sizes only, i think, and ends tomorrow 2/7. enter code GAP25 at check out. i really don't need any new clothes, but will take a peek and see if i find any must haves.

if you happen to have a gap card (sadly i don't), my frugal fashionista friend *fancy* (how's that for alliteration? LOL) shared some good deals...

$10 off of a $10 or more purchase: use code thankyou. she says that it's a little iffy, working only some of the time but hey it's worth a try!

free shipping for card members: try codes mycard or silver for free shipping.

i did a search for promotion codes and came up with several codes for 15% off your entire order. i don't know if they are one time use or if they will work on my order. i'll try when it's check out time.

if you happen to know of any codes for gap kids and wouldn't mind letting me know, i'd be really happy! =)

also, don't forget to go through my points-you can earn 4 points for every dollar you spend at gap.

i stopped shopping through my points for a year or so cause i would get so mad at myself when i would forget to check out through them. which was really silly because my points really does give you money back in the form of gift cards (especially if you shop a lot). so i've started using them again, and have been remembering them most of the time. it's been only two months and i've accumulated quite a lot of points. i try not to think about the points i've missed.


Stephie February 6, 2010 at 9:45 PM  

I can imagine not having a Target because I don't have one either. Up until last June we only had 1 Walmart in a 50 mile radius. Now we have 2. We do have a Kohl's and an Old Navy though. My nearest Gymboree is 50 miles away and Gap is about 90. Thank goodness for online shopping!

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