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>> Thursday, January 14, 2010

my thoughts are on the people of haiti, as i'm sure most everyone's are. many prayers have been offered up to our Heavenly Father, i'm hoping that He has sent many angels to help these people. as i prayed, i tried not to be angry. natural disasters like earthquakes happen and can happen anywhere. i would never wish a disaster on any place. but to think of haiti- a country that faces so many challenges on a normal day, this was just way too much. again, it would have been way too much anywhere. but...i just can't seem to find words for the feelings i'm having.

now i'm trying to put those feelings to good use, finding various ways that we can all help our earthly family. thanks to anenome pie, sellabit mum and the pioneer woman for doing the same. i will include their ideas and efforts in a list of ways to help.

here are just a few of many ways we can all help and at least one will not cost you anything!

the pioneer woman is having a "give away" 2 winners will have a $500 donation sent to the haitian recovery charity of the winner's choice. in addition to that she is also donating 10 cents for every comment/entry, to be divided and given to the top 3 haitian recovery charities mentioned by readers. doesn't sound like a lot? she already has over 13,000 comments! so please visit her site *here* and leave a comment, it doesn't cost a thing but it will help out the people of haiti.

head on over to anenome pie's blog and check out how *here* you can donate via text message to yeli haiti which has set up an earthquake relief fund. in fact, if you have the time, check out both links-yele's site is *here*.

be sure to check out sellabit mum's blog *here* she has a link to an entire list of relief sites and programs.

and lastly, stop by compassion's site *here* to see how you can help or even to sign up to sponsor a child. this organization is so awesome. they send bloggers regularly to the many poverty stricken countries where they have programs set up. i always enjoy reading about these trips from the blogger's perspective and it "brings to life" the good that the organization and all of it's sponsors do.


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