bullet thursday

>> Thursday, January 28, 2010

  • wondering if i ran everyone off with my whole depressive, healthcare ramblings?
  • hoping not...i'm over it for now. just had to let it out.
  • i did watch the state of the union address.
  • seeing rahm emanuel was my favorite part.
  • tomorrow is the last day to sign the girls up for spring softball. each day of sign ups has fallen at a time that i wasn't able to go. must.make.it.tomorrow.
  • report cards came out...two good ones! well one "C", but we didn't make a big deal out of that-pretty sure it's already up to a "B" now. a good number of "A's" for both!
  • bethany's big birthday surprise was tickets to go see taylor swift in concert...she was so thrilled she had tears of pure joy in her eyes! and so did i...
  • she didn't acquire her taste for country music from me...just sayin'.
  • i do however find myself liking taylor swift.
  • on a slightly controversial note, a while back a blogger made a comment about aging-that it was a sign of our sin from God, growing older and all. sounded a little *out there* for me.
  • today i feel my age and then some, and i may or may not agree with the above bullet at this point. all i know is-it's not good.
  • nothing in my medication arsenal is working. ugh.
  • moving on again...
  • i'm convinced the kittens are some sort of "mini" cats. they are over 9 months old and other than chubby bellies, they are so tiny. still like kittens. their mama was just a kitten herself.
  • no more homes have been found, but i haven't been looking. maybe next week.
  • i keep saying that a lot..."maybe next week".
  • i came across some not so flattering old school photos of myself on facebook. thank goodness the poster didn't tag them. it was from my time at boarding school and i had put on some weight...i looked like a darn tank.
  • luckily i lost that weight over the following summer before i started my new school.
  • i do love looking at the old photos though...just not "fat" ones.
  • still no new pics to share, i think our desktop was disconnected during our satellite tv installation-part of a package deal. and i only know how to upload photos a certain way.
  • yes, i am very much a creature of habit.
  • plus chemobrain causes me to not function as well on the technical stuff. when i ask mr. h for "how to's" his reply is always "RTFM!". i do, and it might as well be written in a foreign language.
  • "RTFM" must be an army saying, i can't tell you what it means without using a word that i save only for special occasions. let's just say it has something to do with reading the manual.
  • it's a bit chilly here in florida. i like it, but i don't tolerate it very well. this doesn't give me much credibility when i complain i want to live where there are 4 seasons. i'm pretty sure floridian cold is different than northern cold. i've heard about it before, something about the moisture.
  • i still think i'd be ok up north. i could get one of those north face puffer coats that goes down to my ankles. and i have uggs now (got 'em at a huge discount) and a pair of emu's that are just like uggs (another huge discount). they look kind of silly in the tropics. so see, moving would have a purpose!


FalkFamily January 28, 2010 at 9:24 AM  

Yay for good report cards. And chemo brain never goes away. 14 years later, I catch on to things a little better than I did at first, but now I have gaping holes in my memory of things. It's kind of disturbing.

Anonymous,  February 1, 2010 at 3:59 AM  

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