bullet tuesday

>> Tuesday, December 8, 2009

  • this week is way too busy hence the bullet post.
  • i have no idea how i used to live, work, take care of the kids, do it all.
  • now just the thought that i have to go to a few places this week has me wigged out.
  • i'm sort of glad that the blogging challenge is over.
  • did any of you win a nablopomo prize?
  • i miss you all, i have over 400 unread blog entries in google reader.
  • told you it's a busy week.
  • i can't wait til the weekend, things will be calmer then, i hope.
  • there are a few topics that i really want to blog about, can't wait til i have the time to do it.
  • we haven't decorated for christmas yet. no christmas music yet. no snow...ever darn it.
  • one thing i did do is have the girls make an "advent calendar" of sorts. they colored paper then cut into strips to make a paper chain. on the blank side we each wrote down something we are thankful for. i numbered the chains and we rip one off every night and share what's written inside.
  • tonight kelley's class has a dinner and we each get to cook something. it's supposed to be something that represents our ethnic heritage. but i have no idea "what" i am. for the sake of the dinner i'm claiming italian and bringing stuffed shells. my family loves them, so hopefully the class, parents and teachers will too.
  • i found some "hot" toys to sell on ebay, not hot as in stolen LOL! now i'm wondering why i bought them when i'm claiming to be so busy. hopefully i will actually list them, so far i have pictures uploaded.
  • still doing lots of shopping though, i love to give! much better than to receive i think.
  • been so busy i've only heard bits about tiger woods. enough to determine that he's an ass! i guess he's paying his wife to stay with him for 7 years? $80 million? why? i mean he must not care much for her if he had as many mistresses as they are saying. unless it's "cheaper to keep her". she is such a pretty woman, the hussies aren't pretty. guess it's not always about looks.
  • on another note, i have still not found any homes for the kittens. i don't get it, all the work is done and they are cute. i looked at the competing ads and one said that the mama disappeared and the babies aren't old enough to be weaned and need to be bottle fed around the clock. the other ad claimed the kittens still needed some taming. yikes! my little orphans should be the ones people want. not sure what i'm going to do...
  • ok so now you know what's on my mind this week. if you don't see me, take pity on me for being runned ragged.


FalkFamily December 8, 2009 at 6:01 PM  

Hang in there :) Have a good dinner tonight!

Shana December 9, 2009 at 12:22 AM  

I didn't win anything from the NaBloPoMo either. I didn't see anyone familiar win. Girl...you better get busy with your decorating!!

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