The Simple Woman's Daybook for Monday, October 5

>> Monday, October 5, 2009

Outside my window... it's raining which is a nice change.

I am thinking... that some people truly do blindly follow others. it's kind of scary.

I am thankful for... my hair that is so much longer than it was before i lost it, and curly too!

From the learning rooms... homework, homework and more homework-again! seriously kelley and bethany have way too much homework every single day.

From the kitchen... i'm craving a turkey sandwich and soup...from panera's kitchen.

I am wearing... typical shorts, tee and flip flops-it's florida what can i say? my flip flops are cute!

I am creating... mental "to-do" lists and lots of silly, funny haikus.

I am going... nowhere this evening. i did go to the bus stop and walgreen's this morning. really adventurous huh?!

I am reading... Inside of a Dog which i have to admit is kind of boring. so i'm also reading Temples on the Other Side which is much more interesting.

I am hoping... that it will finally cool down. i am so tired of the temperature being over 90 degrees all the darn time.

I am hearing... birds chirping (it stopped raining) and "can i?", "can you?", "why not?", "but...", "it's not fair!".

Around the house... i should decorate for halloween.

One of my favorite things... it's candy corn season! but only brach's will do.

A few plans for the rest of the week... going to mall, need to get labwork done-i've been procrastinating, and a family birthday party for mr. h and my grandma.

Here is picture that I am sharing... daisy and me taking a nap. =)

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