just a couple of updates...

>> Saturday, September 5, 2009

just a quick couple of updates...

first of all if you've been keeping up with adrienne's story, you know already that things are not going well. if you haven't been following please do:

adrienne's blog

adrienne and her family need all the support, love and prayers that you can give. she has been fighting the good fight for so long and has done so well-that i find it so hard to believe that her condition has declined so quickly.

also i have another update. some of you may have read the post i wrote about hillary and the link to an article that shared some of her trials along the way in her fight against hodgkin's.

after some deep thought i took it down as i didn't want people to mistake my intent of the message. my message was to show an example of our broken system. the example of the person who worked hard and did everything *right*. yes the system has failed her.

i was asked to repost the link to the story and i will. and i will also post her blog if you are interested in following her story. she too has had a decline in health and is now hospitalized.

the article about hillary

hillary's blog

hillary not only blogs about her illness, but offers a wealth of information about health care in general. i really respect her thoughts on things as she has had the opportunity to see things from both sides-as a nurse and then a patient-just like i have.

needless to say, it's a sad day knowing that two people i have gotten to know because of lymphoma are now struggling. and there is just nothing i can do...except pray and pass their stories along.


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