bullet friday er um saturday

>> Saturday, July 11, 2009

  • this week has been crazy.
  • the internet has been crazy, which is why i haven't kept up with any of my monday, tuesday or friday post traditions.
  • the new house to be situation is crazy, can't figure out if it's all a lesson in patience or just a bad omen.
  • notice any crazy type of themes?
  • the girls spent their week at horse camp.
  • i have new respect for pioneer woman's laundry duties after said camp experience.
  • a week ago i started a major toy, game, girl's junk purge.
  • i haven't finished it yet, or even tried...today though i must do it.
  • my oncology appointment was 2 months ago, i just don't even want to think about it. but that too i must do soon.
  • feeling sentimental and bought a michael jackson cd.
  • i still have my old thriller record album, complete with 9 year old style i love michael jackson written on the cover.
  • another must do-find homes for 5 sweet orangey kittens, but i do enjoy them so much.
  • daisy the pug enjoys them too, she isn't allowed to get too close though. the kittens don't seem to mind her but i'd hate for her smooshie to get scratched.
  • totally excited that my roommate from the year i spent at boarding school found me on facebook! we had lost touch for several years...we were like two peas in a pod.
  • i'm so far behind in pictures, my memory card is completely full. wondering why even things i enjoy feel like a chore these days?
  • speaking of chores, i should go finish the purge project. no fun.


Stephanie July 14, 2009 at 1:36 PM  

I like your bullet friday. I may have to do something similar. Hope this week is going well for you! :)

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