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>> Friday, June 12, 2009

i know, i haven't been blogging much. it's a shame because i enjoy blogging. during my dry spell i have spent lots of time reading other blogs. trying out new ones, and collecting the ultimate collection of blogs on my reader.

remember how i use to post pictures all the time? i don't know what's happened, i have taken lots of pictures over the months but for some reason they've just been sitting in the memory card. the card is full now. so i must upload them and get back to sharing soon. if i remember correctly there's lots of neat things that have happened. so i guess i will have plenty of catch up fodder.

there's been no lacking in topics to talk about. though i have to admit that i'm leery of talking about things. it's really sad to me. i remember not too long ago that we all could just "talk". we didn't agree on everything, but that was the cool part we could share and learn. and we did. i know exactly when it changed, but i'm not sure why. it changed with this past election cycle. what is confusing to me is why the "divisions" of us have become so blatant. for as long as i've been voting, most elections have been closely divided, usually just off from 50/50. but even then talk despite the differences came easily.

so what is new now? it seems like people as a whole are viciously over protective of "their" people. to be honest i know that there's been times that i've been this way too. i really don't like the way it's changed. long lasting friendships where we use to be able to talk about everything now seem strained. i love to talk about our world, it's good to get lots of viewpoints in my opinion. but now i am afraid to bring things up for fear that i am seriously upsetting someone. in some instances i think i'm forgotten as the person known for years to now just being the person who is viciously trying to slander someone. i'm not inventing information, merely sharing it and asking for thoughts. i don't expect everyone's thoughts to be the same. that would be boring and i'd never learn anything.

and again i'm not immune from this same thing. i am completely guilty of putting someone on a pedestal and then be quick to defend if i think this person has been wronged (it was elizabeth edwards if you are wondering, i think she's a good person who has had way too much crap in her life). after a particular situation i had to stop, really, and acknowledge every one is human. some act in ways that are less than they should. some go above and beyond for their causes. some are right. some are wrong. some are classy. some are down home. some are fake. some are sincere. some are rude. some should speak up more. and some have had more than their fair share of 15 minutes of fame-ok there's several who's time should be running out fast. but all in all, they are all people. all from the same creator. and all with the same limited time on our planet.

all of that being said. i think i may on occasion "talk". i'm well aware that i'm probably alone in my like of keith olbermann or having never watched john and kate plus 8. i may completely be the odd person out. and that's ok. if i share a thought my only hope is that who ever is reading will think their thoughts and feel free to share them, try to see the reasoning of my thoughts if they're different. and it can happen nicely. because...we're friends.

oh and hopefully i'll get back to sharing the things that are going on here. with pictures.


Tracy June 13, 2009 at 7:27 AM  

Big hugs my friend. You know how I feel about Keith - oh my...but I also sleep with a I go both ways and have just agreed to disagree most of the time lately.

Hope you get back to blogging - I miss your words and pictures.

Chrissy June 15, 2009 at 11:45 PM  

I love to hear/read everything you have to say. I adore you and find you fascinating. Never soften your voice. Speak loudly and with passion. You are important...and treasured.

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