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>> Sunday, March 1, 2009

i've been having a food craving lately. and since i couldn't give in to it, it sort of turned into a little obsession.

it's burgers, not regular burgers-i wanted little burgers! it all started when my friend reagan mentioned krystal burgers. just a little mention, and i doubt reagan ever thought it would spark such an obsession...but it did.

so i'm sure you're wondering why i couldn't give in to such a harmless little thing. well...we don't have a krystal here. or a white castle. and now you are probably thinking-just grab a burger and cut it into smaller pieces. nope it's not the same. i even tried a small burger appetizer at chili's and it was just a burger-not anything like i was craving. and those frozen krystal's from the grocery store-forget about it! yuck!

then i saw it on tv...a commercial for burger king's new bk burger shots! yes prayers really do get answered. ok so i didn't actually pray for little burgers but surely this was no coincidence!

mr. heather ran right out and got me some burger shots that night. they were pretty good. not krystal or white castle good-but good enough. and then mr. heather got them again for me last night for dinner. (he wasn't quite as enthused this time around).

my tummy is singing!

so i'm wondering if i would really be pushing it too far, to ask for a third night in a row for bk burger shots? probably. but they are only around for a limited time, so i have to take advantage of it now.


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