please pray for stellan!

>> Monday, March 23, 2009

i'm sure some of you have followed stellan's story. if not just know that baby stellan was not supposed to live. he had a heart condition, more than one, that would have not allowed him to survive when he was born.

but he did live. in fact he was healed! stellan is not only a beautiful child, but the one true miracle of this lifetime that i have been able to witness.

and now stellan's heart is now in a severe form of tachycardia-300 beats a minute and with medication to lower it-only down to 250. that's still way too fast. please, please pray for stellan and his family.

here is their blog where you can not only keep up with what's happening but also read back and witness God's miracle. please pray for God to continue his miracles with stellan.

stellan's family blog


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