dear inventor of daylight savings time,

>> Tuesday, March 10, 2009

i don't like you or your idea to rob good, honest people of an hour of time each spring. i don't care that you give it back to us in the fall. that in my opinion is not good enough.

my dislike of this fiddling of time goes way back to my childhood days. being sent to bed while it is still light out. not too mention that other kids on my street were still able to be outside playing. i would sit at my window sadly watching them. my inner child is surely still wounded from this.

now that i'm older, it still stinks. i lose an hour of precious beauty sleep and believe me-i need all the beauty sleep i can get. sure some people like that it stays light outside well into the evening hours. well, not me! the evening is my quiet, relaxing time. and i enjoy the sunset and knowing i have a few hours of that beloved quiet time before i go to bed. with the change, i feel like i'm being robbed of even more than that one hour. it's dark and next thing i know-it's time for bed. where did my evening go?

as if that is not bad enough, the time of fall back has been shortened by probably a good month or so. and again i don't like it. there is such a thing as the opposite of seasonal affective disorder and i believe that i suffer from it.

what can i do to get our clocks to fall back for good? do i need to start a petition? or perhaps a class action lawsuit? i'm sure i can find a significant number of people good and ticked enough to join the cause. first of all they are tired. and to add insult to injury, the past two nights they couldn't get their children to go to sleep at bedtime. why? because it was sunny and bright outside.

i hope you will consider this letter and give us our hour back. back to what is referred to as "standard" and "normal" time. if not, you can expect to hear from me again.

ms. hater of daylight savings time


Hillary St. Pierre March 11, 2009 at 8:11 AM  

Daylight savings has had me in its clutches all week! Just thought you should know, my readers LOVE YOU, specifically my family. You're "IN" in a big way. Email me sometime.

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