mr. heather has taken charge!

>> Sunday, February 15, 2009

all weekend long, valentine's weekend no less, and mr. heather is making us work! the nerve! the heck?!

remember my laundry conundrum? and the hopes of mr. heather buying his very own (his first) home? well he is taking charge...wanting to make sure that HIS home is not cluttered to the ceilings with stashes of girly clothes. and so i guess he is trying to teach us a very valuable lesson.

he has pulled out all of the clothes (i tend to hide them so i don't have to think about them or even with them) and he has put us to work. we have sorted, making sure the "high maintenance" items are set aside to be done by me, and the rest...well get this- mr. heather is actually washing them. and...bless his heart he is actually stain treating.

the girls then do their part of folding and putting things away. and oh wow they are NOT happy about this. but i do believe this may be a good thing. especially for miss bethany who changes clothes waaaaay too many times a day. or miss kelley who has regressed back to toddler-hood and really ought to be required to wear a bib. (don't tell her i told you that)

now i have to tell you this, just incase you are wondering why on earth i would let this laundry situation get so out of control. it's not that i'm a total slacker, well maybe i am a little, but...our washer and dryer are not inside our home. the utility room is in the garage. and it seems the people who originally built the house decided on a garage as an after thought. to get into the garage and utility room you actually have to go outside then into the garage. and remembering where i is very hot and humid. and remembering that i have a wonky actually requires a bit more physical effort than i often have lugging baskets to and fro. ok and yes i'm a bit of a slacker, but i already confessed that-so no need to dwell.

despite that we are "working", i will admit that i am actually thrilled that there is hope that by this time tomorrow, the girly laundry will be all caught up!

and a little update on mr. heather's house hunting. he has found a house that he adores. it is really nice! what he adores most about the house is that there are no neighbors. seriously NO neighbors. he has made an offer and the sellers have accepted the offer. the hold up? well the home is a "short sale", i don't know too much about this other than it is a step before foreclosure and that many times homes like these will sell for less than what is owed. so as of right now, the current lender is reviewing the offer-they make the final decision. we've been told that this can take a couple of weeks so right now we are waiting. trying not to get too excited, but still very excited!

oh and this possible new home? has a utility room inside the house! such a crazy little thing, but i will never take that for granted. ever.


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