a few random thoughts now that the election is over...

>> Friday, November 7, 2008

it's possible for some people to forget who they are.

knowledge of geography isn't a prequalifier for national office.

talk is cheap, but some are rich in character.

comedy is funny.

family and friendships are not always ties that bind.

media may be biased but that doesn't mean the news is false.

non-licensed non-tax paying plumbers should not be allowed to speak to the public about foreign policy.

some people are strange.

clothes can be really, really expensive.

sometimes i feel like i'm on a different planet.

over half of the american people probably agree with the above statement.

i don't have to move, my state is the right color now.

will everyone be able to recognize the positive changes as they happen?

kids can predict the future.

those who cling to their guns can be comfortable with democrats.

i hope nobody is offended at that above statement, i'm talking about my husband.

i'm sure glad that presidential elections are only every 4 years.

reading the news takes up a big part of the day.

i'm proud to be an american.


nielsons*love*family November 15, 2008 at 6:22 PM  

GREAT post heather....(it's bompie)
i got to your blog somehow!
dorien aka bompie4

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