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>> Monday, October 27, 2008

ok let me start off by saying, that i don't really care who you are voting for. if you are voting the same way i if not, good luck and we'll all see how this turns out in a little over a week. i'm going to assume that just about everyone out there is decided on their candidate of choice so that is not what this is about.

but i have to address something. awhile back i remember taking part in conversations about the media bias and news. i have no doubt that some are slanted one way and some are slanted another way. heck i don't even have a problem if you prefer the one that slants your way, cause i'm sure we all prefer to be surrounded by people who are like minded.

my problem is with the people who swear up and down (including some unsolicited opinions) that fox news is the only news channel out there that is fair and balanced. in the beginning i didn't say much about it, mostly because i didn't watch fox news. i'm not a big tv person. i get a lot of my information from a variety of sources. but some of the time in the past couple weeks we've tuned into the cable news channels. now that i've experienced it for mean to tell me that you still think fox news is NOT biased? who are you trying to kid? just call it like it is and i'll be fine with it.

even my husband who is NOT very liberal minded has been able to deduce on his own that in some circles the word "liberal" could been interchanged with a variety of four letter words. and like me, he could only take watching fox news for but a few minutes. it was THAT obvious in it's bias. and further more the news being reported was not exactly true. ok, i'm sure that can be said for other news organizations as well-which again is why i don't limit myself to just one or two ways of learning. going against the like mindedness- i do want to be well rounded.

ok so in closing and i'm sure some feathers are going to be ruffled here. if your only way of learning about the issues of our world is through fox news and you feel that it is truly is fair and balanced, you may possibly be out of touch just a little. and i encourage you to expand your minds just a little.

and remember we're all in this together!


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